Helping Grandad play his tuba
now 6 months old

Trying to be more helpful - "I could be your mute, Grandad"

At around 11:55 am on 5th May 2003, our first Grandchild, Oliver Thomas Spencer made his appearance in the world. He was helped in this by the skill and sharp knife of the staff of the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Jessop Wing.

Sarah and Dan are, of course delighted, as we are, and are
very relieved that he finally made his appearance after a long and stressfull weekend in the hospital. Both Sarah and Oliver are doing very well and are now at home.

Oliver's birthweight was 8lb. 13oz. - 3.998Kg.

Our First Grandchild









Here are a few of his first pictures, aged just 6 hours.

Oliver - the peace will never last!














Oliver, contented












Linda and Oliver




















Oliver with 'Grandma Linda'


Now Olivers a week old and already he thinks he's a 'cool dude'!





There's also some serious father / son bonding going on...























Oliver with his Great Grandmother













4 generations together..

Linda, Muriel with Oliver and Sarah















Granddad explaining things - or boring him to sleep!!








Now we are 5 months old and think we are a really big man - we even have our own mode of transport!
Do you want to play? I think I could maybe spare one toy..
I don't mind playing - but I'm not too sure about getting cleaned up afterwards!!