news: September 2004
Well, this year's crop of outdoor jobs are almost done and, as with previous years, we have been fortunate in playing for a number of really pleasant village events around Derbyshire. As the band is still not at full complement, we are very grateful to those members of other bands who have helped out and 'filled the gaps' at the more prestigious jobs and give them our warmest thanks. Some of the performances, such as the long Eyam Wakes march have been very demanding, not helped by the baking heat, but, as usual, the band proudly led the parade with good humour and fortitude.
Now we can look forward to the winter season and the demands on us for sparkling performances at our regular Maynard Arms Christmas concerts. I'm sure that, as usual, we will be well plied with sandwiches and chips so if you would like to join us there just get in touch....

news: 19 February 2003
As another year gets into full swing we are once again looking for new band members to fill those positions which are presently empty due to people moving on etc. We have vacancies for cornets, a horn, basses, bass trombone and drums/timps - if you are interested or know of anyone who might be, please get in touch. We are a friendly, non competing band who operate in quite a laid back way and just play for the pleasure of doing so.
The start of any year is quite an exciting time - the Christmas music is all put away and new music is bought to add to that ferretted out of the back of the filing cabinets to form the basis of the Spring and Summer program. We already have quite a few bookings on the diary - some regulars, some new and we understand that ticket sales for our next Christmas' series of concerts at the Maynard are already well advanced!!
We look forward to seeing all our old friends from the various villages again this year and hope that we can, once again, bring a bit of traditional colour to their fetes and carnivals.

news: 25 December 2000
We have finally become a 'dot-com' band. The change of address to has also been accompanied by a change in our e-mail address. Please update your address books with the new e-mail (

news: 25 December 2000
Navigation around the new site couldn't be simpler. Use the links on the left to surf around and if you want to return to this page you can easily do so by clicking on the band name above. Don't forget to visit the 'diversions' section for a bit of meaningless fun.

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