Thank you for reading this book.

A book such as this can only touch on the multitude of amusing occurrences and personalities encountered by the band during any normal year. I have tried in these pages to give a flavour of the richness and diversity of "life at the sharp end" which is repeated time and again in bands and other such organisations throughout the country, indeed, throughout the world.

 The only real way to fully experience the pleasure of incidents such as are recorded here is to become involved, not necessarily in bands but perhaps in local theatre groups, Women's Institute, or youth organisations. All offer sources of amusement and interest for those who seek them and add immeasurably to the rich tapestry of life.

 Before I close, I must offer my sincere thanks to Paul Smith and the late John Howard whose innate ability to distil the comic elements from often seemingly mundane occurrences and whose natural skills as raconteurs have inspired the recording of a number of the stories in this book. Without people like them the world would be a far duller place.

 This book was originally produced to raise funds for Hathersage Brass Band and any donations will be gratefully received.


 This work is Copyright to Ian W. Wright 1994. You may use it for your own private purposes but reproduction by any means or its use for commercial gain is strictly forbidden without the written permission of the author.

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