All around the world there is nothing which so fires the imagination and enthusiasm as a good parade. For the British, the pomp and pageantry of a Royal event guarantees television's highest viewing figures. Whilst not everyone can become intimately involved in such grand events, the childhood dream of most to march at the head of a grand parade is within reach through the brass band movement. The involvement of youngsters in any form of band or musical group is to be strongly recommended as through this medium they will develop confidence, social skills and a team spirit which will be of great assistance as they pass into the adult world of work.

Playing in a band is infectious; players who leave to have families or because of work commitments almost always return to a band eventually - it gets into the blood and there is seldom a time when bandsmen get together which doesn't generate an amusing incident or anecdote.

The events in this book are centred around a fictitious band and use fictitious characters - however, the author has been associated with various brass bands over many years and this collection of anecdotes is based upon his experiences.

Each tale in this book is based upon actual events or characters, only the names, locations and certain details have been changed to protect the guilty. This was considered desirable in view of the sensitive nature of some of the events.


  This work is Copyright to Ian W. Wright 1994. You may use it for your own private purposes but reproduction by any means or its use for commercial gain is strictly forbidden without the written permission of the author.

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